unexpected early delivery

Maylon • Happily Married : Mom to 2 Boys : Cason Kole 12.8.16 💙 Colby Lee 9.20.18 💙
Here's my story, I'll try to make it short and to the point but not making any promises. So it started that I  fell and sprained my ankle (landed on my knee and hands) and thought everything was fine (no blood or leaking, baby still moving) until my OB appt thankfully was the next day. I was 37 weeks 2 days and when she went to check my I was 1-2 cm dialated and 60% effaced and when she pulled her hand out there was a good amount of blood... so she decided to hook me up to monitors to see how baby was coping- that was fine so she made it seem. She wanted me to get an ultrasound done to check my waters, and I believe that was fine as well. We got back in the room and she just blankly said I think we should have this baby today to be safe. I lost it and started crying for a few reasons: my mom was with me not my husband who was an hour away at work and this isn't how I imagined my birth to go, I had VERY strong plans on having a natural and drug free delivery and knew that being induced made it extremely difficult to follow through with that, I have a sprained ankle remind you so that means I can't do most labor progressing techniques PLUS how will I take care of a newborn when I cant even walk(?!), and I mentally wasn't prepared as well as even having my labor bags fully packed and my hospital is 30 minutes from home so it wasn't like I could run home quick and pack/grab my stuff. So I called my husband which ended up being me just bawling (not a good idea as he assumed the worse with baby) thankfully my mom grabbed my phone and told him it's baby time come to hospital. So we went over to L & D and they got me in a room and wasted no time- it was around noon. I was in there for probably 10-15 min before my doctor was there and broke my water (which was bloody so she made the right decision to induce). Soon after my husband showed up (I needed him for mental support so told him not to stop anywhere just to get to hospital). After that they started me on pitocin(devil drug...) and my nurse knew my intentions of natural as possible so she did a very slow drip. Next nurse shift started and I seen her pump it up twice 😡. At 4:30 pm they checked me and I was 3 cm 80% effaced. 5:30 4 cm and 90% effaced. 6:30 6cm and basically 100% effaced but said there was one bit of my cervix that had a lip on it yet. All I could really do was lay in bed with the peanut ball or sit in a rocking chair. Contractions suddenly amp'ed up like crazy (another new nurse sometime in there who had walked over to the pitocin numerous times which I found out after delivery the pitocin was at the highest setting 😡) and were 1-1.5 minutes apart. My breathing techniques were starting to fail me, I wasn't having enough recovery time between contractions. My nurse said we could try other pain relief- I don't remember the name but it started with a B and they put it in your vein and it basically makes you feel drunk. I was weary but needed something. It worked like a charm. Took the edge off, felt relaxed and calm again. That last about a half an hour until it wore off and somehow the contractions were sooo much worse after that it seemed. I breathed and counted my breaths and was breaking again. My mind started saying- just get the epidural this could be awhile yet. Sure enough I was still at 6 cm so I said ok give me the epidural. I dreaded saying that- I was so set on not getting it. I was puking from pain at this point and we waited what seemed like forever for the epidural. I didn't feel him put it in, didn't have the leg reflex thing or stinging like he said to expect. I was scared it wasn't going to work but after a few contractions it started to numb me. Thankfully it numbed my sprained ankle as well 😁. I was so thankful for getting that epidural. I'll admit it. I was hoping to get to sleep since it was now probably 11 Pm or so- but then my hormones kicked in and I started shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering and all. At about 1 AM checked again and 7 cm 0 station- used peanut ball and sit in Indian style position- they started not liking baby's heartbeat so put me on oxygen for awhile. That freaked me out. At 2 AM I was 8-9 cm and they said not much longer (ha yeah right).  At about 5 am they said 9 cm waiting on doctor to come in, she got there about 6 am and checked me and was like oh they made it sound like you still have awhile but you're ready let's practice pushing. Shortly before this the contraction pain was back and I puked a couple more times- also I was still able to control my legs which they said is unusual after an epidural. So put my legs in the stirrups and I felt like I couldn't feel my bottom but she told me to push and I must have been doing it right because after just a few contractions he was out! My life had changed at 6:20 when Cason was placed on my chest. I was in awe and didn't want to take my eyes off of him ❤ he was born. 7 lb 5 oz and 19.5 inches (imagine if we would have went to term) and LOTS of hair (basically no heartburn all pregnancy). Meet my handsome son Cason Kole😍 his due date was 12/26 but he came 12/8