False labor will be the death of me...😭😥 (rant)

Over the past moth and a half I've went into false labor not one, not two, but THREE times. This is the third time I've had it. My baby is face up too so I'm having a lot of back labor. These contractions literally take my breath. They cause me to panic because they're so painful and I can't do anything to make them stop or lessen. I have a high pain tolerance usually but I feel like my back is going to break in half. I didn't sleep last night at all because every contraction I had woke me up! I'm having them still this morning and I can barely stand up straight. They stop me in my tracks. I can't walk and can barely talk through them. Baby has dropped so low that he feels like he's gonna fall out. I've been spotting pink for the past week almost every day. I'm only 35+1. I have an OB appointment today and I swear if she says "its your new normal" one more time, I may snap. I honestly think my baby is coming VERY soon and that scares me. I've planned for a natural birth but I'm seriously considering an epidural now because back labor pain is no joke, and I haven't even felt the worst of it yet.