Please dont be so judgemental ladies

So as some of you may know, i am 10 weeks pregnant. After having 4 prior pregnancies and losing one lo my husband's and my marriage had been taking a turn for the worst. We planned to start going back to church, and even undergo counseling. But we never managed to make time. So in result my husband and i seperated, and his absence resulted in him having an affair. I am so far from gullible, but something about this man, and this man only brings out the "DUMB" in me. I mean i would look so hard, that i couldnt even see what would clearly be right in front of my face.. he told me right up until about 2 weeks before he came home that him and his mistress werent sexual at all. So after laying everything on the table, him and myself decided to reconcile. But the one thing he so conveniently left out, was that he had in fact slept with her twice in the 7 weeks he had been gone. We were also engaging in grown up acts aswell. And would have never know that she gave him chlamydia if my ob didnt call to discuss my exposure to the disease with me after my pap results came in. Now it had all made sense. My stomach pain, dry mouth, discolored urine, etc. Whole time, i honestly blamed it on everything but the obvious, thinking i could trust my husbands word. I tested positive for chlamydia and also took the pills to cure it when I was 7 weeks pregnant. And i am now 10 weeks, i feel way better.. but im still stressed to the max. Will my lo be born with mental or physical issues, will i have a miscarriage?? has someone been through this in there 1st trimester? Please help.. i never had an std before and am freaking out for my baby.