I just got home today from hospital. Hygienic questions

My baby girl was born on Sunday. We just got home today. When i change her everything seems ok except i notice her vagina seems to look a bit mucusy inbetween the labia. I wipe between all folds front to back. Is this normal? Should i call my doctor. I wipe it and clean it but if theres a problem i dont want it to get worse. Question 2. Her eyes sometimes look lazy eyed and or even crossed. I know she cant see well yet but is it normal for the eyes to be uncoordinated? Im new to all this so please if anyone has any advise? Question 3. Her skin looks really dry. She developed a dry patch under her lower lip on her chin. Her legs look really dry. She had a bath late sunday night. Should i use lotion or is it too early for lotion?🎄🎄💗💗 Thank you