Chlamydia test? 😕

Hey ladies!
To start off, I'm married to my love of ten years. We married in April and are the best of friends. We are expecting our first child, a boy, January 7th - I'm 37w3d today! Last week, I had the group b strep test. With it, my doctor requested a urine test.
 I thought nothing of it until I went to the lab to have it done and they asked me if I had a history of chlamydia. I said no, and asked why. I hadn't even looked at the lab paperwork but my doctor requested a chlamydia/gonorrhea panel. 😕
I tested negative for both gonorrhea and chlamydia during the routine prenatal testing at the beginning of my pregnancy, have complained of no strange symptoms and have done nothing to prompt it. My husband and I have been faithful.
I will ask my doctor about it on Thursday, but in the meantime - has this ever happened to any of you ladies? I'm thinking it must be a mistake and the lab tech said it's not routine.