Too Rough?

Hey so my boyfriend and I had sort of some rough sexual activity today and now my vagina is bleeding slightly??? So basically he was fingering me a little too hard and his hand was over my mouth cause we were trying to keep quiet and {we've solved this now with better safe words and hand signals when I can't talk} basically he thought I said harder when I meant too hard and so it kinda hurt a lot... and now it's bleeding and idk what it is or what to do???? Advice or help and something?? Oh and I'm way to far away from my period for it to be my period so..
UPDATE: it's been a couple days now and I think the cut is on the outside lip of my vagina because every time I pee it burns like a mother, how am I supposed to keep it clean? Like the vagina cleans itself sure but this is the outer part and I'm  worried it could get infected by my pee I guess?