am I crazy

Okay so here's the thing.
I've been with this AMAZING guy for almost 10 months. Yes we've argued and are out of the "honeymoon stage". We even survived a nearly 6 month long distance relationship.
At this point, we might as well be engaged. We split holidays between both families, I've been invited on vacations with him, and my paternal figure gave us his blessing on his deathbed. 
I'd marry him if he asked me this very second. His mom even refers me to as his wife and hinted about grandkids in a few years. My aunt even handed me the bouquet at a wedding. He plans to propose after our one year but most likely not much later than our year and a half. I know with everything in me and so does both our families that we are meant to get married. 
Are we crazy? My stepsister was with a guy 5 years before he proposed. But I just know this is right and I feel like I just can't wait any longer.