My birth story - dec 6 2016

My due date was 12/2 with our first baby. It was a Friday. That day came and went. No contractions, just baby lying low and on my sciatic nerve so I was more than ready. I didn't have a doc appt until Monday the 5th. So over the weekend I walked, bounced on the ball, and all the other things they say to do. Still nothing. Monday came so I went into work (I work for the health system that I delivered at) and was joking with my co-workers that I was gonna slip my OB a 20 to induce me that day. They all laughed and said they would see me back in the office after my appt. I went to my 11 o clock appt and he checked me to which I was barely 1cm dilated and only about 25% effaced. So we started talking induction and I said let's do it ASAP. He said maybe tonight or tomorrow night and I agreed so his nurse called over to l&d to see when they could get me in. She comes back in the room and says well they have nothing until next week....Or they said you can go over right now. I was shocked. Hubby was at work so I made the executive decision and said now. I was so scared. I called hubby and told him to head over. I ran back to my office and told them all the news and let my boss know I was taking my maternity leave starting now haha. I got over to l&d and got changed and the nurse asked what I ate that day....A piece of licorice. She laughed and said she was gonna call the doc and see if I can eat before starting my pitocin cause it will probably be a long process. After eating they started the pitocin at 2 pm on Monday the 5th. I felt nothing until about 9 pm and the contractions started rolling in. I tried to breathe through them. My doc was on call so he was in house. He stopped in and checked me and said I was 3cm. He was happy with that cause he said the pitocin was doing what it should. I decided to get the epidural then. The first spot she tried to put it in was super painful so we had to move lower down on my back. Once it was in and they had me lie down it was heaven. I laid on my back but then the nurse came racing in and said I had to flip cause baby didn't like that position. About 230 am the next day I felt pressure and some pain so I called the nurse in and she checked me. Only 5 cm but baby was moving down. Ugh. So I tried to rest. The epidural kicked back in. About 430 the pressure was back and horrible and the pain was bad to. She came in and checked me and said well you are a 9 now! Baby will be here soon! Doc came in about 30 mins later and said I was a 10 and I could let baby move down a little more on her own or push. I said push. We started at 630. After an hour of pushing, two poops and a 2nd degree tear later, our baby girl Kali Harper was born at 7:27 am Dec 6, 2016 at 7lb 9oz and 19 inches long. We are so in love. She hates sleep and nurses what feels like 24/7 now at 16 days old but she is the light of our life.