need some advice!!

So I'm sort of in a relationship with a guy I met about a month ago. We live sort of far like 45 minutes so obviously it's not ideal. He works and I am in college. We have amazing sexual chemistry and no doubt we have figured that out! Anyway it started off very loving and in a relationship sort of deal. Then when we started getting closer he needed "breaks" and all that sort and it broke my heart. He was very wishy washy about his feelings and what he wanted. To this day we still remain very close, he's close with his mother but his dad left when he was young. His mother knows about me and so do his friends. I've had brief conversations with my mother about him and have told my dad I'm seeing someone but try not to discuss him with my friends because they've seen me hurt by him and don't necessarily approve. Neither of us has been in a relationship for a long time so it's also a big learned expirence for both of us. Recently he's been fucking up a lot like bailing last minute on plans, saying rude things, accusing me of seeing other guys etc. so we decided to slow it down which is fine with me because at this point I have minimal trust in him anyway and he has hurt me a lot. Being close with him is still as nice as being in a relationship just a lot less pressure and emotions so I like how it is a lot. Seems that he misses how it was though like being flirty because he will still try to send cute flirty texts now and then like "wish you were here" type of thing. And I'm just sort of like mmmm right. Really not sure where I want to go from here just sort of taking it as what it is because we're both in different places in our lives. We have both tried to stop talking to eachother because we knew we wanted different things but just can't seem to cut eachother off on any level from our minds or social media or anything. We have been through so much but I'm still hoping that it works out romantically one day, but I'm not going to wait around for him to be ready by any means. I told him that no matter what we are I will always be there for him and that's just who I am with anyone. Even if I hate someone I will still be there if they really need me. Do you think I made the right decision to still be there or am I being weak? Thanks💗