Slowest. Induction. Ever.


My doctor wanted me to come in Tuesday night to start induction. They started cervidil and that lasted all night. Had me on pitocin yesterday all day pretty much and it started some contractions, but nothing awful. Like 3/10 pain wise. Reached level 20 of that and just marinated for awhile.

They checked for dilation and I was 2.5 cm so they restarted cervidil again. (I hate cervidil) Probably in another hour they'll be in to remove that, recheck the cervix, and start pitocin again.

Anyone else have a super long induction like this? I can't wait to meet my little princess, but I really don't want a 3rd round of cervidil if round 2 doesn't work. That stuff feels like they're cramming a brillo pad up in there. OW!