When should I test?


According to glow I am 11-12 dpo. Period is due on the second. I've had a crazy amount of symptoms, but I can't remember exactly what order.

-tender breasts (right one hurts more than left) very sensitive nipples.

- I've had a few spells of nausea.

- I can't stop eating!

- last couple days I have been peeing every hour or so.

- tired, not just tired.. exhausted.

- 5 days ago I had this tight pulling sensation in my lower abdomen.

- lower back has been aching.

- I have had a very large amount of creamy/watery cm the pat few days. It almost feels like my period started sometimes.

- lower abdomen is feeling bloated and tight.

I know that some of the symptoms can be AF but has anyone had any or all of these symptoms and got a BFP? When did you test and get your BFP?