17 & pregnant. dealing with a horrible woman

My father wasn't in the picture for 17 years. I'm 17 now and I am pregnant. I have no shame in it and my mother is the most supportive person I have, so is my boyfriend and his mama. But then my father and his wife come in the picture. Anyways they found out from stalking my Facebook I am pregnant. I am very selective about who I add on there anyways. And I accepted her request (stupid me). I found her other Facebook which is her nick name (Jenny) with her maiden name.. so clearly that's a red flag. She has one guy friend on the entire thing. So my mom and I are convinced she's having an affair on my father anyways. (We don't care but still) my boyfriend met my father at the beginning of the year and he didn't like him. My father will call me names like lame and a loser and call me a bitch and he says racist things about my boyfriend who is Mexican. My mom loves him and she considers him her son. I can't stand my father or his wife. Anyways about a month ago his wife started taggin me in stuff on Facebook about babies and even announced my pregnancy twice!! Before I got to! My mom didn't even do that because she wanted me to be ready and everything. My whole family is supportive but they have respect for me and my wishes. I asked them to not post my ultrasounds on their Facebook since I don't know their friends. Simple right? So we finally announce and one of my relatives informs me that he saw somebody else post my ultrasound. I asked who? And she told me her name and so I go to her page and sure enough she unfriended me! She put the pictures of my ultrasounds which she got off my Facebook and she said she was gonna have a grandson!!! No! I was shaking I was so angry. Then people were commenting saying 'wow so young, just like her mother' 'that's a shame' and somebody asked how I was doing and she responded with 'too moody to talk to' but she never once made an effort to talk to me. I haven't been moody once. I've never been happier honestly. So I confronted her and this is how that went. 
I just had to vent! Sorry for the long post but goodness. She is not excited. She posted my photos and talked trash on me. I'm so done with her and that side of the family. Any thoughts? Am I in the wrong?