Anything to worry about?

Okay so I've been feeling stretching all day in my stomach thought it was normal. Now I have a pain in my ribs on my back. Earlier I had a sharp pain in my chest which lasted 1 minute and it hurt. Yesterday I went to the doctors for a possible yeast infection (first time having one.) in the morning I used my cream for it that goes into the vagina. In the middle of the night it got itchy I used the topical cream for external use only. I haven't used any cream so far today, the day was pretty normal other than the fact that I can feel my stomach physically stretching. I just used the washroom and wiped pink blood I wiped again twice and noticed more pink blood. Not like a crazy amount but it was still there which is extremely concerning. I have never had any sort of spotting during this pregnancy (my first.) Oh and lately my abs have been feeling tight and it feels sore when I bend, almost like I've been working out like crazy which I haven't been at all. I spoke to the midwife and she said it's probably from the yeast infection and that she's not worried. She did say the pains are normal.But if  I get the chest pain again or dark blood than I should go to the hospital. She asked if I ate any greasy food which could be related to the rib pain. I did have some about 4 hours before I noticed the blood at 10:45 ish. I trust her professional opinion but I thought I would get a second opinion or how ever many. 
Let me know what you all think & sorry about the icky picture.
Just felt a big movement, must mean baby is okay. Chest pain did come back briefly though.