single, wanting a baby

I'm 27 years old... yes, I know I'm still young but I want to try when I'm young. I have a good job that allows me to have my own place. I have a degree and good career. I have travelled outside of the country. Life is good but it feels empty... I want a child. Just one! I am in a new relationship and the man isn't open. I am soooo tired of looking for a man to settle down with. I've even looked for men older than me, expecting them to be more mature. And I don't want to "settle" with just any guy... nor do I want to rush a man because I feel my biological clock is ticking, as I like to take it slow in relationships and dating. I also suspect I may have endometriosis and don't want to wait till it's too late to have a child. Is there any single moms who decided to have artificial insemination? I have not spoke with a doctor yet about it, but I'm wondering if anybody knows my options... I want to be able to have that choice on my own to have a child. have the support of many loved ones in my life.