i was the one who did wrong..

My ex is adding me in all my social media.. Idk why, maybe because he wants to get his ex girl mad because his ex already hated me when they started going out ( without me even talking to him anymore) lol we were past but she hated me for w.e reason she might have knowing we didnt had each other in any social media, didnt talk or even ask our mutual friends for one or anothe (atleast from my side) im surprised because i was the one who did wrong in the relationship, i thought he was always gonna hate me tbh lol but now when he added me i felt so many emotions. Not to mention im married to a guy 15 yrs older than me, have 2 kids & well... We have had so many downs in this relationship, we dont even give a kiss of goodbye or even see exictment of our relationship anymore like at the beggining.. My aunt said to not get exicted about my ex adding me or even thinking we'll ever get back. But i just cant help to being memories back.. After 3 yrs hes adding me, im wondering if hes ever gonna send me a msg. Honestly with my husband, i am okay because he supports me 100% financially, & im always with my kids, & since my dad never was around, i dont want that to happend with my kids & leave him.. Any advice? Should i delete my ex?