In laws trying to pick babies name

To start off, I'll give you some back story. My parents aren't alive or around for me to talk to about naming my son. My husbands parents are. Well only his mom and his step dad which we cannot stand because he's so arrogant. My husband is an only child and this will be his first kid and his Moms first Grandkid. So of course she has been sending me 2 page lists of names I don't even like. I mean names you'd never name your kids. So for Christmas my husband and I tell them our two names. Well one of them happened to be a name his Step dad wanted to name his son but never got to so of course everyone votes for that name. As if I'd consider their votes anyways. So we obviously threw that name out. I don't want our son named after anyone or potentially named after someone that was gonna be named that. Then my husbands mom texts me last night saying I should use her name as a middle name or my mother's maiden name. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. It just annoyed me because she went on and on saying he needed a strong name or a bible name. My husbands name is already a bible name and we aren't religious. I just wish people would accept the name my husband and I chose together. Instead of trying to suggest other "strong" names. How do I be nice and stand my ground without being rude?