Am I selfish?

Two things here.

First thing: me and my husband were ttc, now that we had a cp we find out I have fluid around my heart. I told him last night until this us over and fixed, I wanna hold off on ttc. He didn't agree or disagree. What do y'all think?

Second: we live with my in laws. I know they love our son. To death. When I was sick a couple days ago, I let my grandparents take him for a night, which turned into 2 nights. I missed him so bad and wanted some time with him. My MIL sat on the couch with me as soon as we got home with him and tried taking him first thing. I told her I wanted my time with him since I hadn't seen him. I felt like I hurt her feelings because she just kinda mumbled o OK and got up and went to the kitchen. Am I selfish for that? Oh and just for the record, I don't always hold him from people like that. They usually play together everyday. I just wanted my baby for a while.