Dropped at 30 weeks?!


Long story short my OB said that we should be having a baby around 35 weeks due to my very shortened cervix. Baby has been head down since 24 weeks. I was in a LOT of pain yesterday, my hips felt like they were ripping apart and I felt a lot of lower back pain and pressure in my hooha. I was at work all day and then went out to dinner with hubby and family. By the time we got home in the evening and I got changed into pajamas my husband looked at me and said, "holy shit you dropped babe". Looked in the mirror and sure as shit it looks like I've dropped a ton! I now have a flat area below my ribs before uterus starts when before my boobs were basically resting on my belly.

I know dropping isn't always a good indicator labor is near but given what my OB says I'm kind of nervous! What do you think, does it look like I've dropped?!