So emotional today!!😢😢

Kind of a long post but feeling so hopeful amd happy at the moment❤ on jan.2,2016 i was in an awful car crash caused by a drunk driver and spent the day at a trauma center having emergency surgery. For over 8 months,I wasnt able to walk, work, be out much, and I struggled with a lot. I still have a lot of hardware installed and will have problems throughout my life, but I survived and I work everyday to get better. My INCREDIBLE bf at the time (now fiance😌) was there for all of it, helping me recover and taking such good care of me, never letting me get discouraged when I couldn't do something. Having him stay by me in the most difficult time of my life meant more to me than I could ever express to him. And now, on jan.2, 2017, exactly one year later,we'll be going to out first baby doctor appointment, seeing our little bundle of joy for the first time!!! What an amazing turn of events in these 365 days. Im filled with so much hope, love, and happiness and I cant wait to have this little nugget outta my tummy and in my arms!!!❤❤❤❤