I almost died last night

Ok so here I am dreaming about rainbows 🌈 and  lollipops 🍭 when all of a sudden I am YANKED from dream land coughing and choking on liquid... what liquid? Some sort of sour vomit 🤢. Today my lung hurts and I am miserable. I aspirated while sleeping... meanwhile my loving husband is snoring away. I've thrown up that same liquid type substance after eating twice. 
My mother (20 years of being a RN) said based on what I described to her she is fairly certain it is GERD.... what is GERD? GERD is like acid reflex on STEROIDS. I'm so hungry right now but I am scared to eat. I am going to look up a list and try to find SAFE food to hold me over until I get to my doctor. I can't wait to see her on Tuesday. I'm 31+2 my little one has been kicking and moving about all day. I am able to drink water and other liquids but some foods that I have chosen to eat are coming back up. I am SURROUNDED by nurses and doctors in my family and have worked in the medical field as well. If any of them said to go in to the ER I would without hesitation. I mean they are doctors and nurses after all.  I just am sharing my recent struggles with baby Noah. 
Anyone else experience this?