anyone else at their breaking point with TTC?

Today was that day for me. I saw a new person announce that their pregnant on social media and I lost it. I know there are ladies out there that have been TTC for longer than I have (we've been trying for almost 2 years) but it's just so hard, no matter if you've been trying for a 6 months or 10 years. 
Here's to hoping to those wonderful ladies who have spent way too much money on pregnancy tests an OPK kits, and endless hours of tears and heart ache, for a miracle this 2017. I hope that everyone on this app who has been trying for a baby, gets pregnant this year. I know there are ladies here that have gotten pregnant and say, "just be patient, it'll happen" (which people need to stop saying, cause they know they were not patient when they wanted a baby) but it's easier said then done...
Anyway, happy new year to everyone and may this be your year ❤👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿