HELP!! confused about OPK

So I've been trying to conceive for 3 years and 5 months. We want 3 children, we have an 8 & 5 year old already. 
On dec 2016 I started using ovulation test strips.. 
the first one I took had two lines almost the same color but not quite.. but in my opinion any positive ovulation means it's dectecting that you will be other wise it wouldn't have a second line right?!?.... well my LMP started on  dec 8th and ended on dec 13th. Now my cycles aren't 28days apart they are more like 35/40 days on average.. but hoping it will go back to 28 day as it use to be when I got pregnant with my other 2 children.. 
anyways so I decided to take an ovulation test on dec 20th  which would be around the time I would ovulate if my periods were 28 day cycles. but glo is predicting that I would be ovulating sometime this week Jan 2nd -Jan 7th In my opinion the test on dec 20th was positive, or it at least detected LH so my husband and I BD for the next 4 days. 
Now I've seen multiple people post 6-10days after doing OPK and they got faint positive on HCG test, well I have been testing every 3 days since day 6 after ovulation and all my HCG are negative so far 😞..
So my glo app says I will be ovulating this week, so I took an hcg this morning it was neg, so I used the same pee to do an ovulation test as well (I went pee in a cup) well the ovulation has a second line not as dark as the control line so I know it's neg but like I said for it to have a second line it's detecting LH.. so my question is why would the one on dec 20th have 2 lines and now almost 2 weeks later took another one and it has 2 lines.. I'm so confused when am I going to ovulate, or did I already 😭 this is so confusing.. my husband and I will still BD but I need some advice from people who have done ovulation testing before..  I have enclosed both OPK test results