2 months post miscarriage i need help here!💕dont read and run

Khyla renee • Married ! 💍💎 new life new journey.
I had a miscarriage diagnosed October 29th at 4-5 weeks pregnant hcg @170 and passed the baby nov 4th and finally the bleeding stopped nov 10th i tested on the 24th bfn .. And I've been very sexually active since then knowing my obgyn said not to do the deed for a couple weeks and wait 2 cycles. But i hear we are fertile so why not right? I was Heald wen i had my post mc check up on the 28th of nov but its been almost 2months on the 4th coming up shud i test? i tested 5 days ago and 5 days before that and i got evaps i want to test again with pink dye then I need help here!❤