People in the room with you...


I'm being induced Thursday night at 9pm. I only want my husband in there. I think there is a waiting area in the labor and delivery unit but I'm not sure. They told me that once I'd have the baby I'd be stay in that room for maybe an hour and then they'd transfer me to the recovery rooms upstairs where I know there is a waiting room because the people in there can see the nursery.

My mom wants to know who I want there. ....I've told her already I just want my husband. I'll see everyone else in the recovery room. Well for some reason this did not fly with my mom or my grandmother and since I've been in L &D twice already they said they can wait outside the door there. ....Why??? Just wait til I get in the recovery rooms. I want that first hour or whatever I get to just be myself, my husband and our baby. Do I have to tell them this or do they not understand?

I'm going to be excited to let them see and see their faces when they hold him but I kinda want to wait more than 5 minutes after he comes out of my vagina.