Worried about possible pregnancy after ectopic­čś¬

I don't want to be judged on here because yes it was my fault I didn't know what I was thinking and I don't need a lecture so please no. I'm to distressed. I had to get my left tube removed but I still have my right. My partner and I did it around the 3rd week only once when I was supposed to wait 6 weeks and he ejaculated in me. I am keeping an eye out for infection but I just want to know are you more fertile after losing a baby and is it true that it's a high chance you can get pregnant again? Because I have a hormone imbalance and I don't ovulate as often like I'm supposed too but I just want to know if it's possible or not cause I don't want to have another one right now is not the time and yes I regret what I did. Going to test in 2 weeks and find out on my follow up