Shaylee • Vienna Rose 🌹 11/16/17 Landon Levi ♥️ 6/4/20
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While many of you ring in the new year with joy and happiness, I lay here in complete disarray. 2016 wasn't a good year for me nor was it for my family. While I mourned the loss of my unborn baby back in August, I am here again mourning a new loss for my son Levi. Levi was a new hope for Chris and I. He was the first baby we got to experience seeing his strong little heartbeat beating away in my tummy. He was our first baby to get far along enough to find out the gender. He was our first baby we named and he was absolutely perfect. On December 20th, our precious son, Levi, was no longer living and his tiny little heart stopped beating. As I'm typing this I realize it's not the usual "Happy New Year!" Post you all are so accustomed to but the love for my son is so large he will not be forgotten. Nor does the sadness of this post should be hidden or ignored. I find myself that the more I talk about him the better I feel. He was a perfect son with a mommy and daddy would loved him so very much. Levi David Kneifl is with our Father in heaven and I know someday I will get to wrap my arms tightly around him and finally tell him face to face how much I love him. I'm praying for strength and I'm praying for a more gentle 2017. As much as I am ready to say goodbye to 2016, the things and memories from this year I will forever cherish in my heart. 
I love you Levi and I will never ever forget you.