Going from TTC with husband to not TTC after divorce

Maranda • TTC w/ IBD & Fibromyalgia
I'm having a hard time right now with a pregnancy scare. My period hasn't been late since I figured out my cycle but this time I'm late. Before I would have been happy, I was TTC with my ex husband for years but with my new man I'm terrified because he doesn't want kids until after university which I totally agree with. I don't want kids now but transitioning from trying to not is hard, it brings up all the old emotions too. I love my boyfriend and if I have to abort his child it is going to be so hard for me to do because I hope to have kids with him one day. Right after I split with my ex I got his test results back and he was the cause of our infertility, he cannot make viable sperm because of a genetic abnormality so when the sperm did meet the egg I would have a chemical pregnancy, implantation was never successful. So here I am hoping I am pregnant and hoping I'm not because those years of TTC and all that disappointment and pain is still there and it's so not cool! Any other people in the same boat?