This guy..

So I've been talking to this guy.. and I've started noticing that he loves to get me jealous.. I can't explain how.. but I'm very sensitive and jealous when it comes to other girls 10x better looking then me. (But I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, plenty of chicks out there the same right?) he's always showing me photos of chicks that are like... woah... better looking then me with baked faces and nice asses and nice pair of tits.. anyways.. we got to a topic where I told him how I was getting cellulite on my butt/thighs. And he was like "ew that's gross" and started shaming fat woman's. I sort of stayed quite and tried changing the subject because I'm like.. 198? I guess you can say I'm pretty big for him since he likes Barbie material chicks. He then starts saying how he'd do a "bomb chick with huge titties" and since he was saying how fat girls are disgusting and he'd never do a fat chick and blah blah I told him... your basically fucking someone with fat. And he says "how? She's a nice slim hot chick with big ass titties" and how he'd dig his face in those tits. And I told him.. boobs are fat.. like who doesn't know that breast are fat!? Tissues and fat!? Like come on lol.. he didn't even reply after that lol. I'm like what a dumbass. He's so obsessed with tits but doesn't know tits are really just fat tissues but is saying how disgusting fat is 😂🙄