In need of Advice

So I'm 20 weeks Pregnant and 19 and my fiancé, 20, and I am currently staying with my grandparents. I am in school taking prerequisites for nursing school but had to take this semester off due to the fact my due date is so close to the end of the year. Our original plan was to save money for a house while with my grandparents for about a year (which will be at the end of the summer). And I will finish school and he will go back when I graduate. Well, he just told me last night that he wants to go back to school in August and play football. I would completely support this decision and be happy if it wasn't for the fact that we are expecting a baby and he will not be able to work and I also will be in school and my grandparents only allow us to stay if we help out with bills. If he were to go through with this plan, I would be forced to move back in with my parents and finish school or quit school to work to support my baby and I (not a real option for me). Am I wrong for thinking he is being selfish?? Please any advice helps. Thank you!