Could I be Pregnant?

Dyamond🦋 • Messiah Elijah ♥️
So my husband came home from his deployment Dec. 9th. that was the day my period was supposed to end but to be sure (it doesn't always end on time) we waited til the 11th & on my fertile days to have sex. we had sex a few times within that week & i just knew i was gonna get my period which was due on the 31st. it's now Jan. 3rd & no sign of my period anywhere. it's supposed to be off tomorrow. 
I have been nauseous but i haven't thrown up. I have been going to the bathroom a lot more & drinking water & juice more than usual cause my mouth gets dry really fast now. my boobs are sore & to me they seem a little bigger. & i have been really exhausted lately, like i'll sleep on & off throughout the day & still sleep through the night unless i have to pee. 
i haven't taken a PT yet because i'm waiting to see if my period will show up or not. btw i'm on cycle day 31 now. 
i don't wanna get my hopes up because we've been trying for over a year. i got pregnant in june of 2015 but i miscarried & we've been trying ever since. really in need of advice 😩
P.S. i do have abdominal pain