Cervicitis while pregnant. Please help.

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Has anyone here had experience with cervicitis while in the early stages of pregnancy?? I'm 5 weeks 2 days, and last night I had some light pink discharge and went to the hospital. Doctor did an internal and said my cervix is still tight and closed but a urine sample showed some bacteria so he believed I had cervicitis and put me amoxicillin. The bleeding stopped about an hour after taking the 1st pill. Then this morning, I began bleeding blood which almost looked like a period. Not much, I only had to change a panty liber once throughout the day. I had an ultrasound but the doctor said because it's so early still they couldn't see much, but from what they could see, I had no cysts or anything and my cervix was still closed. They did bloodwork and he said in my blood they found a bit of an infection which he also believes is cervicitis and told me to continue with the medication. He said cervicitis can be the source of the blood and my pregnancy can still be fine. I go back in for more bloodwork on thursday and will find out on Friday if my levels are increasing or not... I also have another ultrasound booked in two weeks, but depending on my blood results, it may be cancelled. I have taken 2 of my 3 amoxicillin pills today and the bleeding seems to be tapering off. I'm trying to remain positive, but it's very hard. I've been crying alot today because I feel like the chances that I'm having a miscarriage are higher then it being nothing too serious.... advice or experiences are welcomed and appreciated... thanks Ladies.