Not certain where FWB began or ended...


I met this friend about two year ago, we met through Tinder, so clearly I never had the intention of being FRIENDS with him we slightly dated, hooked up etc. He was due to leave the country for ten months 60 days later and he did, but we never lost touch in the least. I would also receive drunk voice messages from his friends about how much he loved me. We spoke every day, and eventually started to emotionally invest in.each other, then I finally asked what was happening and we decided it didn't make sense to consider ourselves anything but friends because of the distance.

He came back, we immediately started seeing each other again, but we noticed we were getting too cozy, he was only going to be around for two months that time, so we talked it over again and it was a definite "we're just friends".

He went back to finish his last semester, and a month later I went to visit him, turned out he started dating someone and he clarified to me that he actually considered it "dating" with her. So I figured nothing would happen between us. We had a small argument about why he told me their status if it didn't mean anything so he put his foot down and said nothing would happen between us in the time being. But it did.

Time went by, I've dated a few people since then and he finally finished school and he's back home.

He invited me over for Christmas with his family, a week went by and he finally told he was officially in a relationship. So again, our limits we're drawn. I accepted.

We saw each other last night and our limits were erased.

I love him to death. I need him in my life as my friend. I don't know what the situation is with his gf, but I don't know where this could take a bad turn. I also don't know if I'm being played for a fool because he knows I would go to the end of the world for him.

It's been two years.... I don't know if I'll one day want to share this story again and say... It's been 8 years or 16 years.

Things connect people... and we've always had a special bond, but how does this end well?

I guess I should add that it's extremely hard for simply think of him as a 'toxic' person. He's helped me through a lot. He's sat and listened to things I have to say he didn't have to. He's also tolerated a lot of things about me even I have a hard time dealing with. It's not easy for me to see him in a negative way.