I need to get this out.

Today I found myself a tad jealous and envious of those mamas who have a partner and can go out for some alone time and do something- well anything just for a little  bit. I'm a single mama and I'm also self employed. I also do not have family close by. 
Of course when I'm at work she's with the babysitter, but I have moments where I'd love a morning or evening to go to yoga  or catch a movie or sleep. However, it's unlikely. And while I love spending every second with her outside of work every now and again I would love some me time and do get envious of friends/family who have that ability. ( something happened today that made me aware of the feeling. )
I know a common suggestion is hiring a sitter. However, it rarely fits in the budget as a single mama with no support on a fluctuating pay. I do get visits from family once every few months and  I take advantage of it. But I do wish I had regular and frequent me time. When I get it I truly  savor it.
 Ok end vent/rant.