will Walmart let me return these items..?

My daughter is 7 weeks old now; I had to switch her formula, I now have 2 large brand new sealed containers of Walmart brand parents choice formula that I'd like to return but no longer have the receipt for.. they were expensive so I'd like the money back to buy the kind she needs now. Along with that, I was going through all her stuff and found so many things I got from my baby shower that is brand new, never opened that I already have or don't need/won't be using that I would like to return as well; but I don't have receipts for any of these things. Will Walmart let me return this all? I'm so stressed and really need the money too, I'm a sahm while my SO is deployed for a year of no contact. So money is tight and I figured since I won't be using these things anyways I might as well try and get the money back! I'm just so stressed Walmart won't allow it. I heard you can only return 3 things if you don't have a receipt, and I've heard you can't return formula.. but I've also heard otherwise as well. Have anyone ever had similar experiences they can share?? Thanks!