She's here!! but GOSH what a complicated birth story!

I'm so unbelievably thrilled to have my rainbow baby! But the story of her birth was the last thing I ever expected! (This is gonna be a long one FYI!) 
My water broke around midnight on Sunday, so my husband and I headed toward the hospital around 3am. Wanted to be 100% sure it broke and also wanted to take a shower, shave legs etc lol. Upon arrival, we learned my cervix was closed completely and I was only .5 cm dilated! I was also barely feeling any contractions, so my doc eventually gave me Cytotech (2 rounds) to get the contractions going. Once they did, I tried my hardest to labor thru the pain, but holy hell...they were getting awfully long and impossible to bear. I almost felt like my personality was changing the pain was so bad! So I got the epidural and OMG! Felt 100% better! Couldn't feel the contractions at all and I finally started feeling like a human again. The problem was that by 11pm (after being admitted at 4am--19 hours prior) I was ONLY 4 cm dilated. Since my water had broken so many hours ago, my doc was worried about infection. What's worse, the baby's heart rate was fluctuating rapidly 😔 and she wasn't descending well into my pelvis. That's when my doc mentioned the dreaded words: C Section. I for some reason never dreamed I would need one and was devastated by the very thought of it. But when doc explained it's probably best and safest for the baby, my husband and i were fully on board. But I started trembling from anxiety and things started moving really fast. They gave me more anasthesia and it weirdly started affecting my consciousness. Maybe it was nerves, but I felt like I had to struggle to stay awake. It was really scary being separated from my husband, surrounded by like 20 professionals moving at lightning speed, and losing all feeling in my body from what felt like my neck down. I saw them moving my body from one table to the next but couldn't feel a thing! Super weird! Finally they put up the privacy sheet so I couldn't see my body anymore, but I'm pretty sure I was fully exposed! 😳 My husband finally came in to sit with me by my head, and I still felt really out of it. But just minutes later we both heard our baby girl cry and I felt like I was jolted into consciousness! My husband's eyes welled up and I swear her cry was the sweetest sound I ever heard! We got to see her and she looked SO beautiful! She had an APGAR score of 9 and was perfectly healthy, but we later learned that the cord was wrapped around her neck twice! Poor baby! That's why she couldn't descend so the C section really was the best option. 
After the procedure, I had some complications though ☹️. I started vomiting and My blood pressure dropped to 50/30 causing me to out 😕. My heart rate also increased rapidly to almost 150 and I had apparently lost a ton of blood, so my blood oxygen levels were 19 when they should have been around 37! So they kept me in recovery for 8 hours, and took my baby to the nursery where only my husband could see her. It was so hard being separated from her for those 8 hours 😔 My husband brought her down to me sporadically to breastfeed but nothing was coming out of me, not even colostrum. My body had been through a lot so that might be why I wasn't producing. The nurses said to let her continue to latch so she learns and so my body can start producing. But was still so sad I couldn't provide for her! And the docs would only let me hold her for a few minutes at a time because my heart rate increased whenever I held her 😩. By around 8am after constant monitoring in the recovery room, I begged them to move me to the post partum suite so I could be with my husband and baby, and asked if they could just monitor me there. They finally did bc my blood pressure had leveled out and my heart rate was slowing down a little. I ended up getting a blood transfusion to help raise my blood oxygen levels. My uterus was also very swollen and distended so they continued running a bunch of tests, but at least I could be with my baby! I'm mostly out of the woods now, but still in the hospital 3 days later. Still having a million check ups, blood draws, and tests done. I know it's cliche to say, but I would do all of it over again for my amazing rainbow baby, Zaira, born 12:54am Monday January 9th weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. Love her so much!!