update everyone for my crazy week

Nesdely • My family is everything. Mother of three blessing and god just bless us with baby number four as our New Years 💑👪👩‍👦
I have another ultra sound scheduled for this Monday I am so nervous..if some of you ladies have been following my post you all know that I had one last week Friday due to stomach cramps. I thought I was 6 weeks at the time since doctor are going off my last period. Had a normal ultra sound and a transvaginal one as well and the ultra sound tech told me their is nothing their. Of course I freak out and panic and she ask me if I was maybe earlier I told her I believe when I confirm pregnancy on 12/28 I was prolly only 3 weeks or close to three because I knew for a fact I was not that far along. Well I have another one scheduled this Monday I have had so much blood week done this past week and last to make sure my hcg levels are going up so far that have double more then double then went from 25mlu in 10 days too 6214mlu since this Monday drawn. So they have scheduled for a repeat ultra sound Monday. I hope their is something we can see now I am so nervous for this day to come and get told their is still nothing their. I was told on a gest sac was seen that measure 3.7mm I have seriously gone google crazy this past week and everything I have researched shows that at that stage all you can see at 4 weeks is a gest sac no yolk sac til at least 4w5d and at 5w5 days you should be able to see the yolk sac and at 6w you should be able to see the fetal pole and at 6w6d their should be the little fetus 
Ladies has any of this happen to you and everything turn out to be okay this is my fourth pregnancy other three were good just a nervous roller coaster for this one 🙏🙏 I will keep updating thank you 😊