Need to have a rant!


Myself and my fiancé have been under a infertility investigation since February 2016, I've had every test you can imagine, been pricked with needles numerous times, told we would need <a href="">ivf</a> etc, November 2016 we were told that I have polycystic ovaries after trying for 2 years with no luck!

December 2016 we were given 3 rounds of clomid...1st round was unsuccessful.

We are getting married in may this year in Cyprus, my brother in law to be and his girlfriend (julie) have a little boy who is nearly 2, Julie has been messaging me about all our appointments etc, thinking she was being kind and supportive...she kept telling me there's no point trying to get pregnant now as you won't be able to fly etc, won't be able to drink (which does not bother me) and it will happen when it happens, it's just 'stress' Which I'm sick of hearing! It does not help in the slightest when someone says that stress is the reason!

We were joking saying i bet she has another baby before we get anywhere near, and she said no they aren't having another baby any time soon..a few weeks later she started asking questions like how long will you wait before you tell people, will you take loads of tests and things. I thought It was strange and I knew she would probs be pregnant.

I then find out that yes, she is pregnant and has been trying for baby no.2 this whole time! She's meant to be coming to the wedding in Cyprus too!

Obviously I'm jealous, but I feel so angry like it's a really sneaky, sly thing to do and I feel like she's kind of done it on purpose, after telling me what's the point blah blah blah!

Someone please tell me I'm not an awful person and it's okay to feel like this! I'm happy that my nephew is going to be a big brother don't get me wrong, I just can't seem to stop the angry feeling, I don't even want to see her at the minute! 😟