just a rant I had to get off my chest.

Ok so My husband just started a new company, and it is really taking off, but in the meantime it feels like he is pushing his family away. He is already a over the road trucker so he is gone a lot. But lately it feels like he's still gone even when he is home. He brushes it off every time I try to talk to him about it. Saying that I should be "fired up" just like him and building up the business just like him. But he doesn't even say good morning or I love you anymore unless prompted to. I am usually up before him and the first thing he says is have you talked to anyone? (It is a MLM business so we have to talk to people and get them to sign up)     He called me today and was giving another 'lecture' on getting fired up about the business. I told him that my Dad has been in the hospital with double pneumonia And he just kept talking about the business, when I asked if he heard me he said yes.       I know I am just feeling bad for myself and he is just trying to provide for his family but it feels like he's neglecting them emotionally to. 
Sorry for the rant just something I had to get off my chest and tell someone. I know he loves us and we love him so much.