How to get over shitty old friends I still love?

Okay so prepare yourself because this is such a long story but I need your help to get over them
Okay so the two friends (not real names) are Mandy and nelly 😂 ok here we go. Sitting comfortably? Let's begin.
I have been friends with nelly since forever, like primary 2 forever. I met Mandy in S1.
I loved them both and tbh I realise now they made me really bitchy.
The problem started when Nelly and I were buying Christmas dance tickets and she was acting really off, then Mandy started acting off. Then I told my other friend who was going through a rough patch with them that the way they were acting was kind of bitchy. Then Christmas lunch at our school came e and my other friend (let's call her Emily) told them that I called them bitchy. The Christmas dance came and since dances aren't my thing I didn't really want to go. I decided not to go and hang out with other people. They posted lots of pictures on instagram with captions like only best friend with the other tagged. Then Mandy (and I because I thought she'd understand but obvs not) and I had a fight over instagram and we haven't talked since. That was in December. In January till August I was isolated from the rest of my friends as they became very very popular. And since then I haven't talked to either of them and i really miss Mandy.
I really still love Mandy and I became a vegetarian for a while so we could talk about something. There's been glimmers of hope since but none have developed.
I go through this cycle of loving her and wishing we were friends to getting angry at them to feeling really sad.
I entered 2017 and 2016 crying about them because I feel I am not adequate enough
How do I get over them?