BabyBlu🐼 • Mom of Irish twins

I just have a strong feeling that my little boy is going to make an early appearance. I had the same feeling with my daughter and she came 5w early. However, when my doctor checked me today, she said that my cervix is soft and closed (same as 3w ago) but baby's head is engaged. I lost a piece of my mucus plug a few days ago and some more came out today and i was wondering if you can lose your mucus plug without being dilated? Last time, my daughter was born within a few days of losing part of my plug but this little guy doesnt seems to be in any rush to go anywhere. I know im obsessing a bit but i cant help but wonder if my feeling of him coming early is real or if im forcing the feeling because of my past experience with my daughter.

When you lost or started losing your mucus plug, were you already dilated?

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