Emotionally Unavailable A**hole...AKA Spouse

Is anyone else pregnant and their SO is totally nonexistent when it comes to Love, empathy or sensitivity?? I'm 8months pregnant and if I didn't know any better I would think he's cheating, But he's literally just an asshole. I'm off from work and home with our toddler all the time and he acts like he has zero interest in me besides sex. I don't get calls or texts on his breaks at work, and he normally stays out late after work.. I won't get a heads up or a text that he's hanging out for a bit, Nothing. When he comes home he interacts with our daughter, eats, showers then goes to sleep. No convo, no cuddles no interest at all. I feel he gets annoyed with me for everything and says Im "too sensitive" wtf??? Ummm hormones! I tried to cuddle up with him the other night and he said I was "smothering him".. It's really depressing me.. I'm at the point where once our son is born I'm ready to just move to Az with my mom. He literally makes me feel like a burden that's interfering with his life. Yet we're engaged and have been together for 6years..

Today for instance- He found out that his sister passed away.. He got the call around 5 right before he got off work. I didn't get a call and find out until damn near midnight, while he was at his friends house "grieving" His excuse? He was busy all day tlkn to "family" Hellllo!!! wtf Am I??? That hurt.. I feel completely not important to him even during crucial moments like this. So am I wrong for being upset that he didn't call me earlier and tell me? Am I over reacting about everything??? Oh.. And of course he didn't come home either. I'm lonely, sad and overall pissed tf off..