Vaccine Question/ Family Question

So this is a vaccine question and a family question. My life partner's family lives in the south and are the epitome of southern stupidity. (I live in the south too but damn do I want out!) They are saying if I vaccinate my kid that they won't be in my baby's life. I said, "I don't want my baby around anyone who isn't vaxxed— family, friend, adult, or child, I will not allow it." Thomas (my boyfriend) agrees with me but where do I go from here? We no longer have support. I don't regret saying what I did as it is the truth and I will enforce that rule. Wish I had MY family with me, but they live in California... wish I could travel to them quickly.
Advice, words of wisdom— anything is appriciated BUT do NOT turn this into a vaccine debate. That isn't what this is. I did my research. 10 years worth starting in high school through college.