Previous eating disorders now pregnant

I've struggled with both anorexia and bulimia for 10+ years. It was pretty bad for about 7 years then I moved and met my husband, life changed with him and he helped me learn to love myself and quit purging and eating regularly. About a year and a half ago i realized i wasnt the 90 lb self i once was and would find myself secretly purging once in awhile after a regular sized lunch when I'd be alone. I would restrict myself to only eating dinner and work out excessively. This went on and off for about 8 months. (For the record when i purged I'd never binge eat so it wasnt a typical binge/purge relationship with food I'd just throw up whatever little i did eat) now about...oh maybe, 5 months ago i got back on track and quit restricting myself from food during the day and quit my secret purging and just kept working out regularly not excessively and felt good to be back into a healthy lifestyle (a lot of people who have had eating disorders understand it's a constant struggle and a lot like addiction, you can fall off the wagon at any time but it's making sure you can get back on track and do the right thing for yourself) now i am pregnant, in my first trimester and battling morning sickness...well. all day sickness really.. it doesn't feel good to eat and when i do eat and vomit because of the ms it reminds me A LOT of what it felt like to lose control to my eating disorders which has me freaked out because as bad as it is to say i love losing weight. I KNOW my body is going to change, rapidly. 9 months may seem like a long time but for someone to undergo that amount of physical change it can really be shocking to a person....i am just wondering if anyone has any *Helpful* (NOT rude comments) advice on this or has struggled with these issues themselves and can lend some advice i would really appreciate it!