almost I love you

I went on a trip to Disneyland with my friend and my significant other. We were gone for 4 days together. The true test of friendship. And trust me it was. Well.... right after the trip I had to leave for Arizona for my sisters wedding, just 24 hours later. I was gone for another 4 days. I got back and slept and having missed me, my S.O. Made sure that I knew this. We had sex not once or twice but three times that day. After cuddling for a while, with him stroking my hair, he told me "I almost said I love you that last time, I just don't know if I'm at that stage yet". It's been two weeks now and though he is still pretty sweet at charming it hasn't come up again. I dont wanna get all clingy and annoying but I still tern for those words. I love him but I don't want to say it and make Hume feel like he has to say it back. Nor do I want to trap him into where he gets scared and runs..... idk what to do. Also I am extremely emotional so I know that now is not a good time for me to say it to him because it would be seen as me acting out of appreciation for his comfort while my mom recovers from surgery which she just had today. He is leaving for 5 days to Washington on Saturday and when he comes back his friend will be here from California... so time with him will be limited for a while. At least a week and a half. But we have been together for over a year and a half.