Long awaited baby kicks! πŸ™Œ

Shay β€’
Last night was a big moment in my pregnancy. First off i got engaged a few months ago and am 23 weeks along and plan on moving states along with my fiance and 2 year old son. Itd been alot on my plate lately. I havent really had time to bond or really connect with my baby. I was happy to hear the heartbeat at appointments but it didnt ever feel like he was actually in there. I hated how detached i felt and felt really guilty but i had so much to do. But back to last night my fiancea, son and i were on the sofa watching fantastic beast ( amazing movie btw) when i leaned on my side next to my fiance to get comfortable when he placed his hand across my belly when all at once we felt a bump on my belly. I felt a arm or leg almost roll across his hand. We both felt it at the same time and looked at eachother and cried. I cant explain the joy we felt and still feel. I know now to never take the gift of being able to grow a life inside of me for granted.