I'm not pregnant *update*

After putting up a post yesterday about my period arriving 2 days early, and having a headache and sicky feeling, I've had people say it was a chemical pregnancy 😔 
There inst a way I can find out if I did. But I had a faint line a few days ago. 😔 
Yesterday I was very ill, I was sick a good few times yesterday I spent all day in bed. My boyfriend had to sleep in the sofa because I was so ill and the smell of sick in our room was to much for him. I told him about what you laidies have said, about the chemical pregnancy he wasn't happy but he said after I feel better & come off my period we will try again🤰🏻🤰🏻
I'm not sure if the sickness is due to the chemical pregnancy (if I did have one) or if I had a bug. 
BUT like my boyfriend said. We will have a baby one day. When the time is right, 
But Thankyou for everyone's comments and help, 
Baby dust and good luck to you all 👶🏻🤰🏻💜