my feb 2nd baby became a Jan 11th baby

January 6th I was admitted to the hospital for gestational hypertension.  I was released that afternoon and sent home. That evening I had a horrible headache and felt awful, so I called my doctor and she sent me back in for monitoring...which my blood pressure was back up. We stayed Friday and then Saturday nmy doctor wanted us to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist on Sunday at the hospital so we did. Sunday morning (1/8) the specialist saw us at 36w2d) and said the baby needs delivered due to low fluid around the baby.  
So at 11am on Sunday 1/8 my induction was started.  I was dialated to a 1 when pitocin was started.  After 6 hours of pitocin nothing had happened.  At this point the decision was made to do cytotek , after 4 doses of cytotek and now it was Monday they restarted pitocin and had me on it until that evening.  Still nothing was happening! I was contracting but not dialating.  The decision was made for one more medicine to be administered (cervadil) overnight Monday and start pitocin again Tuesday. Tuesday morning the dr came in and broke my water at 1cm dialated. It helped with contractions and at 5pm I was finally dialated to a 3.  The dr said he would recheck me at 10 and if I wasn't at a 6 a c section would be done. By this point I was exhausted and crabby. I opted for my epidural and slept.   At 9pm I woke up to awful contractions and realized my epidural had worn off. My dr checked me and realized I was at a 9!! By the time I got to a 10 and pushed our sweet little Finnley Cash was born at 36w5d at 1215am 1/11. He is absolutely perfect and worth everything I went through. We spent a few days in the NICU but are now home and adjusting to life with two kids!!