husband treating me like I'm 5

Since finding out we are pregnant, my husband has been on my a$$ about what I can and cannot do or eat etc. I get that I am carrying a life inside of me and what I do can make an impact on the baby. In my personal opinion I feel that if I have to give up things then why shouldn't he? I mean he keeps throwing things in my face like "well it's only nine months why is it a big deal to give it up for nine months?" Yet he won't give up anything. First of all I was a consistent smoker for quite a while now, I have given up smoking since the day I found out. But I have been using a vape pen with no nicotine just to keep the urge of smoking a cigarette away. (Granted I know everyone has their opinions on smoking vape, that's not what I'm here about) now he wants me to quit that as well. Next it was soda, and coffee now he's telling me no hot baths. There are many other things he tells me not to do or drink, eat. We both wanted this, but yet I'm the one who has to drop everything while he lays next to me doing everything he is saying I can't. I'm just getting so frustrated. Any advice?