How can I make my husband understand

That just because we are married doesn't mean he owns my body or can do whatever he wants. I can't fucking stand the constant groping of my vagina and boobs and sticking his hand in my asscrack and grabbing me and grinding on me all the fucking time. It gives me anxiety and makes me not want to have sex with him (we still do 3-4 times a week). It's a huge turn off and it makes me freak out inside and have bad thoughts. I've told him this over and over again and he doesn't care he just keeps doing it and he thinks it's funny. I can't even sit on the couch unless my legs are closed because he will do something sexual like touch me there or make a disgusting slurp noise while pretending to jam his hand into my vag. I jump every time he touches me now and I try to get away every time he hugs me because I know he will try to do something to me and he doesn't stop when I tell him to. 
My feelings towards this behavior are nothing new. I've always hated that kind of stuff but he didn't do this the 4 years we were dating. The 2 years we've been married he does it every single day.