i need some advice 😩(a bit tmi also)

So i started birth control (cyclafem 1/35) for the first time ever on Wednesday (1/18/17) and I've been taking it appropriately at the same time every day and yesterday i gave my boyfriend a bj and he cummed in my mouth and I remember I didn't swallow or anything at first but sorta kept going for a little but when i finished he used a towel to wipe his dick completely to remove all the sperm and stuff and then about an hour or so later we were starting to have sex and I failed to remember that it was the day before my ovulation and we were starting off raw but he didn't cum in me or anything and was not even for a minute when I remember i was he put on a condom and we finished, so my questions would be should i be okay? Or should i take a plan b just in case? And if I don't take it and just take my pill would that work the same way? Or will the plan b affect my pill and everything if i do take it?